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Sketchbook - Natasha draws self-portrait

Sketchbook - Natasha draws self-portrait

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Comments {21}

Anita 3 November 2008
Wow! If this is not cute I don't know what is! Very nice sketches! :)

Sidra 4 November 2008
sketch is simply cute... lovable. i didn't like the background, due to brown color may be :|

Ludmila 4 November 2008
Good that the paper is somewere ending!

james lu 4 November 2008
no good

Suzanne Thurman 5 November 2008
Thanks it brightens my day,Very CUTE!!

NeNa 6 November 2008
nagyon nagyok az emberkék a képen, nekem nagyon tetszenek, csak nem tetszik a gépemnek a felbontása, de nagyon aranyos:D

kazimiera 17 December 2009

orphan suhendro 30 July 2010

bob 19 May 2012
stop with the drawings

Jennifer 11 December 2012
Fácil de mais

natasha 10 June 2013
i like art because itsone of my favourite lessons in the world the end

Martin Stružský 4 November 2008
Yep, I love them too, probably this one the most. 8-) Well done, as always...

LukeSkywalker 4 November 2008
Very nice and simple idea. Love it.

Anastasia 4 November 2008
So simple and so beautiful! :-)

Illya Termeno 4 November 2008
Влад, не перестаешь удивлять. Очень здорово! Единственное, что расстраивает, это то, что ты не обновляешь раздел wallpaper clocks.

green iran 22 October 2009
i am going to war now

Evžennnn 2 December 2009

Kristi-Leigh 25 March 2010
HILARIOUS!!!!!! JKS.. Quite cool :D

Melike 12 September 2010
so sweet ;)

bob 19 May 2012
stop with the drawings

Alooche 19 December 2012
It was so cute!:D

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