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Happy New Year, developers!

Happy New Year, developers!

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Comments {14}

Justin Kopepasah 4 December 2012
Thanks. This one is awesome.

Mykhas' Kobernyk 4 December 2012
Nice work, Vlad! Is it theme for Sublume Text or Texmate in highlight? :)

Ho Tuan Kiet 5 December 2012
Nice. Thanks!

Mr. D 12 December 2012
@Marinet, Good code always looks pretty!

tota 4 January 2013
good one

Vlad 30 January 2013
прикольные обои)

Андрей 24 March
Отличная идея!

Daniël 4 December 2012
I like the simplicity of this one. The background color makes it slightly hint to Windows 8, together with the font (almost Segoe). Really like it :)

kris 5 December 2012
Отлично ))

Marinet 11 December 2012
Beautiful! I had no idea code could look so pretty :)

Look good, but... 19 December 2012
python code is better choice ;-)

alanPhp 25 December 2012
Good Wallpaper. Very nice work.

Дмитрий 22 February 2013
а точка с запятой?

Krishey 8 July 2013
I can be happy if you give this free.... :(

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