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The Family of Colors (2)

The Family of Colors (2)

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Comments {9}

Minh Hieu TRINH 11 June 2009
Love theses colors

VladFan 12 June 2009
Clever! :D I like this variation the best. As always, great job! :) VladFan

qubra_turkey 16 June 2009
nice... (:

Mariana 16 June 2009
The colors of the brazilian flag! :D

Ashwin Narasimhan 12 June 2009
Such a unique artistic interpretation of such a simple concept. I love it.

ojler 12 June 2009

Dusan Vlahovic 12 June 2009
Haha great!

Kyuha 14 June 2009

Emma 3 July 2009
I like this, its a cute idea. But I think it needs something else...but I dont know what! Overal its pretty good!

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