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Comments {38}

Vlad Gerasimov long ago
Tech. details: only Photoshop and mouse.

asuana long ago
Ïî-íàñòîÿùåìó êðàñèâî, íî ïî÷åìó òî ãðóñòíî...

long ago
äà Âû áàòåíüêà - òàëàíò

long ago
ºÃ.ÎÒºÜϲ»¶.ÎÒ»á°ÑËü×öΪ×ÀÃæµÄ. лл×÷ÕßÄóöÀ´Óë´ó¼ÒÒ»Æð·ÖÏí.:-)

Patricia long ago
I absolutely love giraffes, and this is sucha pleasant sight to look upon. So very sweet.

m long ago
êðàñèâî..........î÷åíü.........................òàê äåðæàòü!

GZ long ago

Anna long ago
po prostu super

Marissa Brightside long ago
This is beautiful.... it reminds me my family just my mom, my big sis and me and how we take care of each other, this wallpape makes me feel happy

Hedwiga long ago
Ahojte, však je ten obrázok pekný. Však ? Hi, all this pisture is so beautiful. Is it?

ALEX-ЛЁХА long ago
Вообще то очень даже необычно и интересно смотрится !!!! (5!!!)

Belinda long ago
Three words to describe what i think about this piece....I LOVE IT! (Y)

Katia long ago
Prikol'no! mne oni pochti vse ochen' ochen' nravyatsya! osobenno tema s sharami-slonikami!!!looking forward to new stuff ;) (L)

indria long ago
wow! i liooooooooooov it!! (L)

haente long ago
i never give any comments, cause i allways tougt it is a waste of time, but this one is simply so nice, that i just can stay quiet. realy realy nice work. thank u for this wallpaper. ajt cau

crystalpegasus long ago
As always your work makes me smile :-)

Ivan 13 March 2010

Claude long ago
just so so:-|

aleks long ago

Sue long ago
This wallpaper would warm the coldest winter night. Congratulations. (Ochen êðàñèâî??)

Display Lin long ago
I am China, I like the top of a table of here very much. The comment that sent just now with Chinese has arisen confused yard. Now have translated again with translation software in hair. My English is not good. Have not correct please instruction. It is that I's connects Email address:

:***** long ago
COOL!!!! I LOVE IT !!! =*****@@@@2

buy viagra long ago
Bhgggrrrr :) Just great!

ALFZ long ago
I love it.

Ale!! long ago
;) FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ANNIE long ago

mushroom long ago

George long ago
Excellent Bravo :-)

Huu Thanh long ago
Good Wallpaper.

Temperance long ago

Editrix long ago
Love this one! No apologies are necessary -- you do beautiful work, and my desktop makes me smile, seeing your art there every day.

eat spam long ago
i likey!

nyi nyi than aye long ago

sijaj serbia long ago
mnogo je lepo

shawn long ago
simple serenity.....very nice

Lm long ago
I love it. It's a reflection of your enourmous sensibility for beauty. It's probably the most wonderful wallpaper I have ever seen... All of your wallpapers are for me like works of art :-)

Maglounette long ago
Un peu fam?lique c'est girafe

Romi 20 March 2012
napadité a mile. Vlad, ke beres fantazii?

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