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Alice in Wonderland - Advice From A Caterpillar

Alice in Wonderland - Advice From A Caterpillar

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Comments {41}

Morgan Vitt age 11 long ago
I love alice in wonderland, its one of my favorite movies.You should make more alice in wonderland art.

Karin long ago
I used to be afraid of catepillars, but this one I love......

Lindsey long ago
Best series yet, I save all of your photos to a folder and always alternate screensavers with them, keep up the great work, you are by far my favorite artist. I absolutely love your work. The imagination of each photo is awesome, each photo represents something unique to me, that is what I love so much about them, that I can relate to each one and see a story behing it.

xindan long ago

xindan long ago

sonic long ago

sensibank long ago
i admire ur work...beautiful...keep em comming... tnx

Câline long ago
Strawberry fields forever!

kia1981 long ago
à ×åøèðñêèé êîò áóäåò? :)

kia1981 long ago
a Cheshirskiy Kot budet? :)

Aleksey long ago
Øèêàðíûå ðàáîòû! Äà, Âëàä ñäåëàéòå êàðòî÷íûõ êîðîëåé è ïóøèñòîãî ÷åøèðñêîãî êîòà! Äóìàþ ó âàñ îíè ïîëó÷àòñÿ ïðîñòî âåëèêîëåïíî) Âñå ïîëüçîâàòåëè áóäóò æäàòü!!!:-D

Beppe long ago
Oh vlad,ti ha proprio strippato Alice!!!!!!!!!!

don long ago
(Y) ciao ciao...

Fransheska long ago
Eres todo un artista; esta parte del libro me fascina, cuando Alicia le habla a la oruga, jejeje.;-)

DuVAr long ago
hey! it's great ;-)

luka long ago
Prosto klass! A cheshirsky kot budet?

shay long ago
Love the whole 'Alice in Wonderland' series. All of them are gorgeous! But I think my favourite so far is this one. Kepp up the great work! 26 March 2008

hmm... 28 May 2009
I love this series of Alice in Wonderland!!!! My school is putting on this play and so it means that much more to me. I only wish that if you make more you make Alice more girlish and lifelike (you know, blue dress and blonde hair) even though thats not always your style.

Lucy 3 January 2010
Cool! You should send your ideas to Tim Burton, he's making a wonderful Alice in Wonderland film!

betsabe 4 December 2012
nice job

Alba Albuja 3 January 2013
Maravilla, colores súper hermosos, todo me encanta, soy artesana y creo usaré varias de tus pinturas en mis cajitas, saludos feliz año

EIMAN 10 October 2014
Sweet picture vlad v.nice

Emma long ago
aww sweet like this one best i think out of the alice series

Tiger long ago
CUTE! ;-)

Faruk long ago
beautiful colors, nice job. thank YOU.

lillus long ago
ide magyarok sose írnak? amúgy rohadt jók ezek a képek

geneva long ago
ei vlad! first time to comment.. tis wallpaper is nice! although all of your wallpapers are very artistic and pretty! keep it up!

Sandy long ago
me recreo y disfruto cada imagen como parte del arte que mi interior se siente

girley girl long ago
this is soo cute

Mohammed Korashy long ago
I saw alice when i was five,there was an arabic version too ! , it was so scarry for me, I will never forget it , THANK YOU for bringing our GREAT fears back.

LucasDT long ago
Another great one. Much green and red combinations latetly... that's nice. I would prefer blue wallpapers though... more eye relaxing... Once again, great job, the caterpillar looks wise!! ;-) Saludos y gracias!

Aleksey long ago
Something strange with russian code;).... Well, Vlad, eto prosto zamechatelnye raboti. Vot tol'ko b eshe Cheshirskogo kota i Kartochnyh korolya i korolevu v ich zamke:-D Esli ne secret, gde vi vzyaly etot shrift, ispol'zuemii dlya podpisey?

alex long ago
the best one yet! I love them all, keep up the great work.

Cynthia long ago
Love them all! Colors are amazing, I love the caterpillar. Thanks heaps. ;-)

luka long ago
Ïðîñòî êëàññ! À ×åøèðñêèé êîò Áóäåò?

DEpp 1 February 2008
Please, if someone has an opportunity... Send High quality 1440x900 или1600x1200. It is very grateful! P.S. Simply my the most favourite wallpapers! snx

Rit@ 29 April 2008
i have vote right now this wallpaper but like usually i don't vote excelent i vote so-so... sorry but in my opinion you can do so much better....

kevin1999 25 September 2009
you are great, man!!!

Plusia 6 November 2009
fajne 17 October 2012
My 6 and 7 year old saw this picture on my desktop and said "Alice in Wonderland". I had no idea what they were talking about (I've never read the book), and they explained that the caterpillar and mushroom and the little girl were part of the story. I came back here and saw the title. Even though your art is whimsical, it is still realistic enough that little children can understand the context. That is profound. What sets your work apart for me? It can bring a smile to childrens' faces and make their 36 year old mom smile too! Brilliant.

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