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The Tree Of Lights (Gold)

The Tree Of Lights (Gold)

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Komentarze {28}

Kelcey 4 Grudzień 2012
This is incredibly beautiful Vlad:)

Vlad Gerasimov 4 Grudzień 2012
Daniël - i don't think so. I do not play it.

Chantal 5 Grudzień 2012
No 1920X1080 resolution?

Vlad Gerasimov 5 Grudzień 2012
Chantal, I can definitely see 1920x1080 is size list.

Im 8 Grudzień 2012
Beautiful as ever! Steve Nelson is right - fading in and out of 5 colours would look amazing :)

Daniël 8 Grudzień 2012
OK - just wondering, as I'm a huge fan of the game.

Eugenia 22 Grudzień 2012
So magical!!

Vlad Gerasimov 24 Grudzień 2012
Stanislava: thank you very much :-)

Roya 26 Grudzień 2012
i love it

Jamie Tabon 6 Styczeń 2013
Wonderful wonderful I'm enjoying my account glad I decided to get the premium

Mariya K-W 7 Styczeń 2013
Mesmerizing as usual. Love it!

Eason Jia 10 Styczeń 2013

memory 22 Listopad 2013
dear Vlad, I love your amazing wallpapers. your works are simply complex! beautiful and deep like a your beautiful complex and pure mind! yeah, your mind is amazing, intellectual and beautiful. So I love your mind!

fancy eiman 13 Wrzesień 2014
i am a huge fan of your art its beautiful and looks lovely i wonnathankyou for this beautiful picture i am in love with your drawing cool

Emylin 12 Styczeń 2015
Your wallpapers are interesting. Add more........

Lekz 26 Marzec 2015
can you have a 2049x1536 Size? Thank you!

Daniël 4 Grudzień 2012
Just a question, Vlad, are you ever going to make any Skyrim-based wallpapers?

lock 4 Grudzień 2012
Well, something Tolken style is always welcome (I know you already did in the past, but they're always welcome). :)

Chantal 5 Grudzień 2012
Oups! I was in the mobile devices tab, I can see it now in the Desktop computers tab

Steve Nelson 6 Grudzień 2012
Thanks Vlad, looks great. Any chance of seeing maybe 5 different colours? We're fading in / out as a background and they look great going from blue to orange - would love to see other colours!

Visage 15 Grudzień 2012
Love it....

Stan 24 Grudzień 2012
Hi Vlad :-) I don't know where I could leave you a Xmas message, so I am writing here. I wish you a beautiful Xmas, sucessful New Year and good hand in your work. Your work makes me happy all the time :-) And I thank to you for that a lot :-) Also - I have so small hint for you (If you don't know it) - French TV mini-series called "Minuscule - La vie privée des insectes". I think it has similar poetry as your work :-) With regards, Stanislava :-)

Darxicus 10 Styczeń 2013
Hi Vlad, just wondering: when are you going to release a new wallpaper? Can't wait to see it :)

haci 21 Grudzień 2013
Turkiyeye yoneluk calisna bekliyoruz...

Zz Bob 13 Kwiecień 2014
Oy...This is Bullshittt..man...No realistic....Yuck....

vansh 25 Maj 2014

fancy eiman 13 Wrzesień 2014
nice picture again lights on a tree

Easterngirl 9 Styczeń 2015
the picture is full of novelty and vivacity. thanks a lot. be happy and prosperous.

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