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Kirby - file-based CMS for simple web sites

{28 Luty 2013}

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This post is for those who are deciding how to manage their web site(s). Vladstudio is not the only website I am busy with. Until recently, the only options I considered for management was either writing everything from scratch, or using some form of database-driven CMS (WordPress is the most famous).

I was never happy with WordPress - I generally consider it one of the most over-estimated web apps. You can build something large and complex with theme(s) and plugins, but it's ugly from the inside, and supporting it is a nightmare (at least for me). So I was almost always doing all hard coding work myself.

Recently, I stumbled upon a CMS with the fresh concept - Kirby. It's file-based, meaning there is no database, and all your site is simply folders, subfolders and text files!

It looks like an excellent solution when you have skills to develop web template, but other people (who manage content - add news, photos, etc) are not skilled with HTML. Despite being very simple, Kirby is also flexible - add some little tweaks to your template, and you can show photos on website by simply putting the images into a folder!

You can put the website into Dropbox and share it (or just Content folder) with other content managers.

Made with Kirby shows what kinds of websites it's best for.

I even developed couple of little plugins for it: comments and smart submit.

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Chris Burton 11 Czerwiec 2013
Are the comments on this site using the comments plugin you made?

Vlad Gerasimov 12 Czerwiec 2013
Chris - no, Vladstudio website is not using Kirby, I hand-coded it 100%.

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