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Blue Flame

Size: Ordinateurs de bureau Appareils mobiles Apple Android 2 écrans 3 écrans

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Note - for most Android phones, you need a wallpaper twice as wide as your screen.

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Vlad Gerasimov 25 Novembre 2007
Simple, abstract but, hopefully, nice and easy!

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Commentaires {49}

Jaideep Il y  a longtemps
Magnificent! That goes for both the colours. Just terrific...

jalal Il y  a longtemps

Pat Il y  a longtemps

wea Il y  a longtemps

vincen Il y  a longtemps

tattu Il y  a longtemps
khub bhalo..

Tim Il y  a longtemps
Green would be Awesome!!! Also I took this one and your gold flame and made a half/half background, it looks sweet!!!

PING Il y  a longtemps

pelf Il y  a longtemps
This looks so sophisticated! I'm sure it looks great as a backdrop :)

feng shaun Il y  a longtemps
yea, it's nice. Abstract! :)

Foxtrot Il y  a longtemps
ñóïåð (:

Kiwi Il y  a longtemps
Thanks Vlad, it is working perfectly with my Windows scheme

Mohammed Korashy Il y  a longtemps
That's nice one

Beaner Il y  a longtemps
i love it!

Anish Il y  a longtemps
Someone has surety stolen my idea from my dreams.

Any:) 7 Janvier 2008

hh 14 Janvier 2008

uu 16 Février 2008
love love

brian 31 Mars 2008
very nice!

none 26 Août 2008

gjd 1 Octobre 2008

sahar 30 Janvier 2012
very very good. Thank you. I love all your pictures

Jacques 29 Septembre 2013
Hi! This is a very nice clock walpaper. But I want to know the name of font used and where can i get it? Thanks

amal 15 Mai 2014

Zuko 15 Octobre 2014
Awesome tranquil abstract design...!!

Jay Hayes-Light 3 Octobre 2015
Yet again, Vlad at his best!

oo Il y  a longtemps

oo Il y  a longtemps
very good

jen Il y  a longtemps

red+blood Il y  a longtemps
breath taking!

mustafa.nouri Il y  a longtemps
ayval dash dameton garm

Huh? Il y  a longtemps

Zmiyah Il y  a longtemps

widhy Il y  a longtemps
keren booo....

Robin.H Il y  a longtemps
Beatifull! Wish I could make that in photoshop. Cheers!

Ariyo Il y  a longtemps
Awesome. I Love Blue.

Laura Il y  a longtemps
This is exactly what I was looking for right now, good job!

LucasDT Il y  a longtemps
Great one. My wind of wallpaper!

Pablo Il y  a longtemps
When I saw the small preview I didn't realized how nice this wallpaper is. The lines and the flames making Mac-style waves are very sophisticated. On the other hand, the circles humanize the whole piece, making it warmer.

marianne Surlemont Il y  a longtemps
this is, no doubt, my favorite at the moment.

steffer Il y  a longtemps
would love this in a deep purple! beautiful!!

Rick Plappert 11 Janvier 2008
Thanks for the free offer some fantastic wallpapers here

bipul 28 Février 2008
just wish there was a photoshop tutorial. sucha magnificant piece of work

DMS 2 Avril 2008

mo 13 Septembre 2008

Timo Toups 9 Janvier 2012
Hey Vlad, just decided to buy me a late chrismas gift - your lifetime sub! :) Just a Question concerning your old work: Would it be possible to adapt those beautiful Wallpapers for a triple Monitor setup?

RajSen 7 Décembre 2013
Can u please give us more new Animated Wallpaper WCZ file.

ramki 23 Avril 2014
wonderful its great

ddgf 31 Août 2014

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