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Where Tahrs Live

Where Tahrs Live

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Comentarios {41}

Michael Iseard 10 Marzo
Love it! To bad you missed the Ubuntu deadline though. Never mind, can still use this when 14.04 gets released :-)

Kelcey 10 Marzo
I have so missed the joy of discovering new Vlad wallpapers of late, thankyou for delighting us with such a stunning piece of art:)

Sondre Selnes 10 Marzo
Fantastic design! This design has a very special vision of its own. I love it !

Jean-Pierre 10 Marzo
your wallpapers are very instructive on art

Pop Al 10 Marzo
this is a wonderful! you are a true art master!

Betsey Butler 11 Marzo
what a surprise this morning.....thank you my friend!!!!

Sean 11 Marzo
Wow, so much detail for a simple concept! I love your backgrounds vlad :)

roberta 12 Marzo
we really like it, thanks

George Mariot 13 Marzo
Beautiful as always Vlad!

Livanco 13 Marzo
Очень красиво ! Поставил на все устройства в доме в качестве обоев , уже думал ты Влад забросил свой проект , рад что нет :)! А на тематику олимпийских игр не собираешься красоту нарисовать ?

mik 16 Marzo
Thanks for sharing!

mik 16 Marzo
I cannot recall a time when I haven't had one of vlad's wallpapers as my desktop background!

Maney 27 Marzo

devinT 2 Mayo
As always, this looks Great! Thanks! :)

hitooluv+nature 2 Julio
art connect my soul..!

Tony Frost 11 Julio
This wallaparer is really awesome. Great great work

Daniel Jenkins 31 Julio
The following is not a comment, but a question, If I might ask one? Which size zip works with the iPad with retina display? I can't figure it out! Where would I find this information on your site? THANKS,

Huỳnh Bảo Tâm 25 Agosto
nice :3 :3 :3 design more, thank :3

Huỳnh Bảo Tâm 25 Agosto
why not have 2160x1920 (Xperia Z1) ? -_-"

Krishna 11 Septiembre
What a pleasant surprise! Love the mountains ... Best wishes to you and yours!

Darrin Wan 10 Marzo
Love the Himalayan mountain scene. Reminds me of 'purple mountains majesty'. Nice job!

E>B 10 Marzo

Bert Leithold 10 Marzo
Sorry you missed the competition cutoff, but I was so excited this morning to find on my RSS feed you posted a new -- and beautiful -- wallpaper that I can enjoy! You've still got that something special I so love about your art. THANK YOU!

Leo L. 10 Marzo
Vlad, that's as simple as beautiful. Welcome back !

Jaideep Nadkarni 10 Marzo

Sotirios Soulantikas 11 Marzo
Welcome back, Vlad, with a great wallpaper!

Martin Stružský 11 Marzo
After so many months… great new wallpaper, thanks!

Audine Ward 12 Marzo
Oh I've missed you ! Just beautiful

Fabrice Poissonnier 13 Marzo
Magnifique travail...Et quelle joie de vous retrouver...Continuez encore à nous faire rêver...Grâce à vous, le musée nous rend visite sur notre écran... Merci.

Amir 14 Marzo
I love this...!

James Manes 14 Marzo
Beautiful work. Love it.

- 15 Marzo
Vlad, you could make a wallpaper that supports Ukraine's sovereignty.

Salah AbuEin 18 Marzo
Beautiful work.

Peter Petto 24 Marzo
Thanks so much, I really like having your artwork on my computer...and am delighted with this one especially.

jo 23 Mayo
love it

Maria J. 9 Julio
Thank you so much for sharing your work! It's always a treat to visit your website :)

jelle 14 Julio
i dont know how to download it wen i save is it looks rally bad

Brian DeWitt 2 Agosto
Excellent art! My 3-year old loves this one.

Geoff 13 Agosto
Hope you are having a great summer

Linda 15 Agosto
I have a lifetime subscription since a few years but sadly I see fewer wallpapers every year. Don't know if it's still worth it...

Anthony Previte 11 Septiembre
love this! make more like this!!!

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