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Size: Počítače Mobilní zařízení Apple Android 2 monitory 3 monitory

iPhoneiPhone RetinaiPhone 5iPadiPhone 5 (L)MacBook AiriMac 21"*Cinema 24"*iPad RetinaiMac 27"*Cinema 30"*MacBook Retina*

Note - for most Android phones, you need a wallpaper twice as wide as your screen.

HTC Desire CNexus 7, Galaxy S3Nokia Lumia 920Galaxy S2, Nokia Lumia 820NookGalaxy NoteSony Xperia UKindle Fire*HTC One SNexus 7 (L), Galaxy S3 (L)Nokia Lumia 920 (L)Kindle Fire HD, Asus TransformerGalaxy Nexus, HTC One XKindle Fire HD 8.9"*

Vlad Gerasimov 8 Prosinec 2007
Hohohó! Veselé Vánoce!

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Komentáře {63}

NeSrO dávno

Jiffy dávno
This one makes me smile.

MaCe dávno
Very nice and very Christmassy:) Merry Christmas, Vlad!

Marianne dávno
Really love this one, too ! Happy Holidays Vlad ! :)

Prianka dávno
I luv ur work, keep it up! Happy Holidays! ~Prianka from NYC :-)

friendofraj dávno
nice design...

Cynthia dávno
This is an awesome wallpaper. You are a truly inspiration for many people. Love all your w/papers because each of them brings whole quality of an artist. The colors you always choose are marvellous and the mixture of them all are superb. What a fantastic collection you're sharing with us. Your talent has no limit. Have a great holidays with your family and all the best for years to come. Warmest greetings from Oz.

Bertha dávno
Just love your work ! They are great, congratulations !

SeD' dávno
WOOOOAAAAWW perfecctt :D

Aditi dávno
You're brilliant! How do you get such brilliant ideas? God bless your creative your brains...Happy Holidays...merry christmas, from India. ;)

Jujubeans dávno
Wow I absolutly LOVE your art!!!! (and I'm only 13!!) I especially like your "Inverse World" one. I just sent out an email to all my friends reccommending this site. Could you try to make a penguin wallpaper for me? Penguins are my favorite animal. Anyways, thank you and keep up the good work!!

rani dávno
prettig kerstfeest en een gelukkig nieuwjaar! de beste wensen voor2008 voor heel vlad.

Noel dávno
Whats wrong with the sizes? I can only get very small pictures now? Hmm..

jay2 dávno
maligayang pasko (merry christmas!) from the philippines! this is amazing..

Nuheen Khan dávno
Your work is usually excellent, but I don't really like this one. Merry Christmas to you by the way!

Justin Murray dávno
this is weird. its not very christmasy but at the same time, it is. haha. cool one vlad!

Melly dávno
Wow-eeee!!!! It makes me so happy!!

Mikael dávno
Shit! How amazing... I Love it :-) Merry Christmas to you Vlad, from Mikael in Sweden!

Me dávno
Cute concept, but not really your best. I guess I'm partial to the one you made last year with everyone saying merry christmas around the world. But that's okay. It's got the christmas spirit, and that's what counts. Merry Christmas!

Mohammed Korashy dávno
So Nice And Warm Colors

Vlad Gerasimov dávno
Gilbert - thank you very much!

leitner peter dávno
very nice work :-) a merry xmas to you vlad and your family too :-) and thx for all your genius works ...

Ludmila dávno
Merry Cristmas from Poland where are no volcanos ;)

çiğdem dávno
this is wonderful

Tesfaye dávno
@Chuck: This is Vlad's world baby! Anything is possible! Vlad, keep up the great work. Your art never ceases to bring a smile to my face.

Hyun dávno
That's good idea!! I like it!!

ghfjfghdfsdfgnrfk 21 Leden 2008
Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... I...DONT...REALLY...NO...ABUOT...DIAS...ONE...KINDA..STUPID!!!???

tria 16 Listopad 2008
mery x'mas to all from tria

Esther T. 10 Prosinec 2008
Love this - thank you!

Jenny-Chan 6 Leden 2009
Hey Chuck, ¬_¬ Have you ever heard of something called ``imagination``? That is the reason why this volcano is spewing out snowflakes and gifts! Your wallpaper is SO original Vlad! Awesome! Merry Christmas everyone! ^^

jaime 16 Květen 2012
http://www.vladstudio.com/wallpaper/?573#smile5 esa infomacion no me sirve

rajwinder 9 Srpen 2014
very nice

saurabh dávno
its coooooooooool

joke dávno
maak van 2008 en super jaar en ga door als goed bezig bent en merry christmes

Vlad Gerasimov dávno
Prianka: 1280x1024 fixed! Thanks.

Prianka dávno
And I also wanted to tell you that the 1280x1024 wont load properly...oh well...still luv ur work!

Xstranger dávno
Hi Vlad! Well done, Lad! But there seem to be the problem with the picture of 1280x1024 as it can't be either opened or downloaded... Still worship you!

Caline dávno
This wallpaper is beautiful!! It makes me feel very excited about Christmas... although I'd be home alone with my pets and all my family away. Thanks!

Jessica dávno
I love the way the Orange/Red and Blue compliment each other so much. It is very pleasing to the eyes. Thnx Vlad!!!

Andreia dávno
Vlad, your pictures are delicious. Very good work! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, from Portugal

SaRaH dávno
It`s Coooo0o0l!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! meRrY chRiStmas:D

sla dávno
nice & easy :)

carolifen dávno
This wallpaper gives me inspiration... ;) thank you Vlad

galahaad dávno
thx vlad for all pictures. It' s really a pleasure to open Pc and see yours colors ( the vlad touch ) bonne et heureuse année

Claudio Mastrapasqua dávno
Merry Christmas @ ALL ;)

sofie dávno
leuke achtergronden!

peťka dávno
not really my Xmas favourite (it´s "xmas bag"), but i like also weird ones..;-) merry christmas from czech republic, the heart of europe.. ..and a happy new year!

Lee dávno
It's cooool!!! Merry X-mas to Vlad, from South Korea

chuck dávno
how can a volcano be spewing out snowflakes??

Rebekah dávno
Always something interesting to look forward to here. And as usual, you did not disappoint! Merry Christmas

Holden dávno
Your work is fantastically amazing. Thank you for the effort. From the Middle East -- Merry Christmas, Vlad!

darin dávno
Your work is food for the soul. I'm a big fan of yours and have recommended your site to many. Merry Xmas and thank you for these excellent works.

Christina Levacsics dávno
WOW WEEEE, i love it! It's an explosion of presents, hope i get that many!! awesome colours! Merry Christmas from Australia Vlad, you are the best! christina xo

Bigred dávno
Simply Magical!!

Gilbert dávno
Vlad, you are my one-of-a-kind idol....I;m really happy that you're always there for all of us to to give wonderful creations, we have four units of computers here, and guess what, all the wallpapers we're using are from your collections, sometimes it's just hard to pick...all of 'em are the best. You're always making us happy Vlad, thanks a lot, Merry Christmas too..You are one of my inspiration. :D

George Mariot dávno
What an idea !!!

Jennifer dávno
I like all your goodies, mainstream and not so mainstream! Merry Xmas from Canada! HOHOHO

jack 11 Leden 2008
good imagination

joly 12 Leden 2008
wooooooooooow it`s coooooool i love your work

Vaibhav 2 Leden 2009
hey vlad...u r god of art....i have recomended ur site 2 many...u r a fabulous person.god bless u.. firekillz@gmail.com

supp 11 Prosinec 2009
Its christmas time so merry christmas and a happy new year

Wow 28 Leden 2010
Ur an inspiration to all I am your biggest fan to date keep making these soul stirring work of art ur just a master

misni 28 Listopad 2012
all of your designs are amazing.

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