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Note - for most Android phones, you need a wallpaper twice as wide as your screen.

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Vlad Gerasimov 18 Duben 2004

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Komentáře {45}

FiZI JUtt dávno
GooooD NIceee

hai linh dávno
What's to say ? Fantastic ! ;-)

birol dávno
i am scared that you are an alien from space, Vlad. :)

eatspam dávno
one of my favorites... but could you post a widescreen version without the 'sleeping child' caption? It's a lot more powerful without the caption...

shanki dávno
behenchod mujhe kuch samajh mein hi nahi aaya.

pretty dávno
outstanding work man!

big dog dávno
damn give all free (L)

Jennie dávno
Wat r u up too?? My cuzin Has seen a space ship even though i don't believe her.

kitty dávno
..................wow.......I don't really see the child....:-o smile smile

mariana dávno
Gorgeous.. I like this dark blue. I'ts amazing how you can describe something so complex with a few shapes and tones. You are amazing. I like your profoud artworks and this one it's my favorite.

Christopher dávno
I love the fabric texture. Excellent work.

Tom dávno

Lynze dávno
Es buenísimo este fondo de pantalla. Felicidades!!

ZuGro dávno
Perdón por mi comentario anterior, pero es que me quedé sin palabras!!!, me dejó mudo este trabajo, vaya talento, en verdad no sabia que decir, hizo que me olvidara de cualquier palabra, porque ¿que palabra podría describir esta belleza?, ninguna creo.

jeopardee dávno
truly creative

kasta dávno
shut up tubamann!

rпck dávno
it's amazing how you can express a felling with just a few lines and two basics colors, congratulations your work it's really awesome.

mysti bleu dávno
less IS more! I love it. you should think about making t-shirts.

moiz 21 Únor 2008

uma 5 Březen 2008
wow its really superb

nallendar 29 Květen 2008
i like very much

Emma 5 Červenec 2009
Sleeping child? thats really hard to see but i figured it out after the 4 time I looked at it.

Beth Sweet AKA sweetbarefoot 10 Březen 2010
Love your work!! Going to school for bachelors in graphic design now. 58 years old. Thankx for clocks ;-)

duryodhan chouhan 5 Prosinec 2012
very wonderful

AMir dávno

Samara dávno
It`s great !!! Supper!!! Wow!!! I really like it. Good job ;-)

Karen dávno
(Y) (Just had to share this with ya'll)This wp soooo reminded me of a photograph I took of my daughter sitting on the kitchen floor (she was three yrs old, ok) eating crackers from a cup, in the sunlight. somehow the sunlight and flash gave the picture a complete black background, just the sunlight outline of her hair and the sunlight on her chubby little arms and hands could be seen. You have made my week ! I still have my photo, but my daughter will be 20 yrs old this May !! ugh....absolutely beautiful artwork though (L)

dodo dávno
mujse dosthi karongi my heart is burning ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh

Jennie dávno
You believe in Alien's?? I don't

ALE dávno

marjan dávno
thank you . very wonderful

mushroom dávno
i too am blown away. WOW. just WOW!

Kitty dávno
..................wow.......I don't really see the child....:-o :-s (u)

Kaui dávno
Beautiful! I love your work

magnifico !!!

ZuGro dávno

ZuGro dávno
Perdón por mi comentario anterior, pero es que me quedé sin palabras!!!, me dejó mudo este trabajo, vaya talento, en verdad no sabia que decir, hizo que me olvidara de cualquier palabra, porque ¿que palabra podría describir esta belleza?, ninguna creo.

tubamann dávno
This picture opens a big black hole inside me

chamellieon dávno
as an artist myself, i am absolutely blown away by the simple beauty of your work. i adore you, i adore your work

shiney dávno
I love it. Like my arms are wraped around my little son!

siddharth dávno
here is such a loneliness inside of me for your touch My mind cries out to be with you.... , love it good 1 i like ur fabric texture. Excellent work.

Rit@ 6 Květen 2008
I don't like it...

s 28 Červenec 2008
i've been stopping by your site for well over a year now, & i have to say that this photo is by far my favorite. i know it's called the sleeping child, but it makes me think of a hug - sort of that warmth in the dark when you don't know what else to do or how to fix things.

Vlad Gerasimov 10 Březen 2010
Beth Sweet AKA sweetbarefoot: cool :-)

ronrogers 21 Únor
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