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Oblačné lucerny

Oblačné lucerny

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Komentáře {41}

Anon. 25 Březen 2013
Very inspiring, as usual. Thank you.

Kelcey 25 Březen 2013
Thankyou once again for sharing your whimsical world with us Vlad.

Vlad Gerasimov 25 Březen 2013
Patricia - I replied to your email. Thanks.

Caro 25 Březen 2013
Oh, it´s beautiful, guau!!!! I loved.

Nika 26 Březen 2013

Diana 26 Březen 2013
I never come across to say something is beautiful but still not enough.

Satish :) 31 Březen 2013
Its beautiful... if possible can you please made a full colors version like in "Tangled" movie... lanterns in all colors.

Saleh Serafi 31 Březen 2013

Vlad Gerasimov 1 Duben 2013
JUAN ROBLES - I'd love to help you if you can provide more details. Sent you email.

Alberto De Armas 9 Duben 2013
WOW. One again you tech us that even if we can copy and paste we need to be creative and truly work a nice piece of art step by step to have a remarkable ending.

Vlad Gerasimov 10 Duben 2013
Linda - I cannot, I am having winter depression myself!

anna 12 Květen 2013
I think it is called love at the first sight... first time and I love it..

Лина 20 Květen 2013
Не могу понять что лучше, глаза разбегаются. это действительно волшебно)) Спасибо тебе, за радость и улыбкуhttp://www.vladstudio.com/ru/wallpaper/?sky_lanterns#

George Refaat 16 Červenec 2013
you are an amazing person and this site is like a treasure thanks a million

Катюша. Ольшевская 6 Srpen 2013
Даа класно картинки прикольные

mary 14 Září 2013
is the wallpaper live?

anjal 5 Červen 2014
this is a nice.

Eiman Asif 13 Září 2014
very nice concept it looks beautiful and thankyou for giving a wondreful picture it is magical love it

Gita 1 Leden
Stumbled across your work via Pixelgirlpresents, so happy to find your site! Your visuals are stunning, whimsical and thought provoking-thanks so much for sharing all of this great work!

fengshaun 25 Březen 2013
That music in the video is awesome! And so is the result!

Patricia Chapin 25 Březen 2013
I purchased the premium package and now it won't let me download any screen savers without paying more . Can you help me I love your work! Patti

Jackie 25 Březen 2013

Emilia 25 Březen 2013

Monica Almeida 26 Březen 2013
Wonderful !!! Reminds me the Disney's movie "Tangled"... I loved that scene they launch balloons through the night... Great scene and amazing Vlad !!! Thank you !

Jorge Riusech 31 Březen 2013
I love it! Specially the video. Where do you find such inspiration?

JUAN ROBLES 1 Duben 2013
Is it me or do the wallpapers don't look HD?

xiaopang 1 Duben 2013

Julian 2 Duben 2013

Linda Beugelsdijk 10 Duben 2013
Please make something summery to get me out of my winter depression! :)

Nea 15 Duben 2013

Ek 28 Duben 2013
Super !

taha 19 Květen 2013

sarah 22 Květen 2013
your work is soooooo coooool :)

Hanna 18 Červen 2013
Tangled meets E.T. Love it!!! Keep up the amazing work!!!!!

You are awsome 25 Červenec 2013
I have been in love with your art for quite a while, is inspiring, and the making reflects all your passion for it. My best wishes to you- Clara from Guatemala

Karolina B. 6 Září 2013
Just died :D 16x10 wonderful!

Danilo 6 Březen 2014
Please go back to older form to solve with the table under. It's better because make to think more in the pattern of the pieces.

sweet eiman 14 Září 2014
outstanding picture just love it

myself 15 Listopad 2014
very nice graphics... www.hiqualityimages.blogspot.com

Octarine 7 Leden
This is incredible - your sense of design is amazing. Thank you so much for making these wallpapers.

jinjereu 27 Únor
This is beautiful.Just like in Tangled!

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