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Diving - making of

First step is  to create blurred grass in the background. Set foreground color to dark green, background color to black. Then switch to gradient tool (G), make sure that current gradient is green-to-black, select Radial gradient (on top bar), then draw a big gradient from center to the edge of image.


I found a stock photo of grass and decided it will be good for background. Paste the image into your file...


... then resize it  to fill entire image, desaturate (Ctrl-Shit-U) and apply Gaussian Blur (found in Filters menu - Blur) with large setting (50-100 pixels).


Set this layer opacity mode to Overlay.


Now let's create some black leaves in the background. It  is very easy - set foreground color to black, then use Pen tool (P) to create some simple shape of  a leaf.


Create some more leaves, then set their oapcity mode to soft Light and opacity to 30-40%. They are only for background and should be barely visible.


Now we need the main leaf, where the story will happen. Set foreground color to vivid green, then in the new layer, use Pen tool to make the shape of the leaf (I wanted it  to twirl a bit).


Here is how the completed shape layer looks.


Apply a bit of layer effects:
- Inner glow (white, opacity = overlay 50%)
- Drop shadow (black, overlay 20-30%)


Duplicate the layer, send it backward the layers palette (behind the original green layer), change its color to darker green (almost black), and move the shape itself a bit down - it will give leaf some depth.


Select green layer with leaf again, then make new layer above it, and Create Clipping Mask (from Layer menu, or Ctrl-Shift-G). Use large soft Brush tool (B) with white (and then black) colors to add highlights and shadows to the leaf.


Set this layer opacity to Overlay, 30-40%


Then create another new layer, fill it with grey, and apply a lot of Noise (Filters menu).


Create Clipping Mask for this layer too (Ctrl-Shift-G), so that this layer is also masked by leaf shape. Then, find Smudge tool (hit Shift-R until you see the finger icon), open Brush settings dropdown, select 4th brush from the end of default brushes set, set Strengh to about 50%.


with short mouse movements, smugde the noise in the direction of leaf growth.


Do not stop until all noise is smudged :-)


Finally, set this layer opacity to Overlay 40-50%


In new layer, set color to gray and with Pen tool, make a shape that overlays the bottom part of leaf.


Create Clipping Mask for this layer too (Ctrl-Shift-G or Layer menu), set opacity mode to Overlay, then open layer effects and add some Inner Glow effect (black, opacity mode = soft light, size = 40-60px)


Using the same technique, create more leaves!


Now we need some threads that spiders will hang on. In new layer, use small (1-2 px) hard white brush and draw several threads.


Set layer opacity mode to Overlay, then open layer effects and add Pattern overlay (blend mode = overlay, opacity around 50%, use any pattern that looks noisy).


Now it  is time for a spider. It  is very easy too: with Shape tool (U), make a green circle (hold Shift to make circle, not ellipse).


Apply the following layer effects:
- Drop shadow (blend mode = overlay, black, 1-2px)
- Inner Glow (white, overlay, 1-2px)
- Gradient overlay (white-to-black, blend mode = overlay, opacity 30-40%)


That was a head. Create another bigger circle, apply the same layer effects: this is  a body.


Add 2 small white circles, open layer effects and add Gradient overlay (white-to-black, blend mode = normal, opacity = 20-30%)


...and yes, 2 smaller black circles inside!


In another layer, use Line tool (U) and add some legs


Hmm, I thought that legs look better with some lighter circles in the endings.


Ta-da! Spider is ready.


Now that you know how to make a spider, why not add some more?


The most interesting part is  a water drop. In new layer, with grey color, create a circle (use Ellipse tool, U, and hold Shift while making a shape). then switch to Direct Selection tool (A or Shift-A), and click on the bottom point of circle. use keyboard (Up arrow) to move it  up a bit.


Change layer blend mode to Overlay, open Layer effects and add:
- drop shadow (black, multiply, 40-50%, 1px)
- bevel and emboss (both highlight and shadow are white, overlay, highlight opacity: 10%, shadow opacity: 60-70%, size = 0px)


now, hide this layer (but keep it selected), then open Paths palette, right-click on the path and in the menu click Make selection...


Create new layer, send it backward the layers palette, then create merged copy of the selected area (Ctrl-Shift-C then Ctrl-V). Apply some Gaussian Blur to  it (Filters menu - Blur), 2-3 pixels.


Create another new layer, send it backward the layers palette (behind the merged copy), then use soft black brush (B) and make a spot. Transform it (Ctrl-T) to stretch it horizontally.


It will be the shadow from water drop.


Make original water drop shape layer visible again, then create new layer above it, and draw a grey circle like shown here: bigger and aligned to bottom of water drop.


Here goes the interesting trick: set layer blend mode to Overlay, then open layer effects and add Gradient overlay. Set gradient blend mode to overlay too, opacity to about 70%, style = radial, reverse. But we will need to modify the gradient itself, and here is how...


click inside gradient - Gradient Editor will open. Choose black-to-white gradient (3rd in default set), then find the black slider on bottom-left of gradient, grad it  a bit to the right, then click on empty space where black slider just was: new slider will appear. Change its color to grey.


Apply this gradient, then Create Clipping Mask with previous layer (Ctrl-Shift-G). Boom! :-)


Add another highlight: in new layer, with white soft brush (B), add a dot, then transform it (Ctrl-T) as shown here,...


then set its blend mode to... you guessed it, Overlay!, opacity to 30-40%, and again, Ctrl-Shift-G (Create clipping mask)


Add another highlight...


...set blend mode to overlay...


then let's make another nice reflection. Create new document (square, about 200x200 px), with transparent background, switch to Shape tool (U), choose Polygon, set sides=4, then open Options, check Star, and set Indent sizes to about 85%. With these options, add a star near top-left edge of image.


Rasterize the layer (Layer menu - Rasterize - Shape), then go  to Filters - Distort - Spherize - apply about 50-60% effect. Repeat if needed.


Now copy-paste the star, transform it  as needed (scale down and rotate), then set its blend mode to overlay.


Another nice highlight: return to the original shape layer with water drop, duplicate it (Ctrl-J), bring copied layer forward in layers palette (make sure that all clipped layers remain clipped). Then change its color to white and scale down a bit (Ctrl-T).


Using Path Selection tool (A), select the path, duplicate it (Ctl-C, Ctrl-V), move new path a bit to top-right, scale up (Ctrl-T) and click Substract button (2nd fo the 4 buttons on top bar)


Then, as always, set blend mode to Overlay, and opacity to 40-60%. The water drop is ready!


Make as many water drops and you like!


The very last touch is  to make reflection of falling spider in the water drop. Make all layers invisible, except the layers belonging to falling spider. Select bottom half of it, copy merged (Ctrl-Shift-C).


Create new document (square), paste (Ctrl-V) and Flip Vertically (from Edit menu - Transform)


Go to Filters menu - Distort - Spherize, and apply the filter. Adjust % to your liking (60-70 may be enough).


Switch to Eraser (E), select large soft brush, and remove bottom part of image.


Now, select all (Ctrl-A), copy (Ctrl-C), close document, paste into our artwork document, and set blend mode to Overlay!


That's all!
You can view original wallpaper here:

Also, registered users can download Adobe Photoshop PSD file here: (for educational purposes only)

Thanks! I hope you found it useful.


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Alexandra 15 Únor 2008
Unbelievable! Thank you so much Vlad for adding these new tutorials...

mammut 16 Únor 2008
Altough I had no nerves working it out until the end - I mean I have no spiders :), you totally got me with this one! I definitely have to buy me some membership. I have been watching your work for a really long time and I have to admit, you have been a lot of inspiration to me since the first time. Keep up.

Kareem Khazem 18 Únor 2008
Great techniques on these two new wallpapers (this one and the rainbow). I like this one especially, very funny idea! Good work.

cris 21 Únor 2008
Simply great! Thanks for sharing all this with us. Love having found your site.

Amanda, Cape Town 23 Únor 2008
Diving is fabulously heartwarming and smile inducing. I absolutely adore it.

堇色 25 Únor 2008

jenny 26 Únor 2008
wow!!!! beautiful ;D and its all shapes and overlays and gradients... and a bit of flair! Keep up the amazing work Vlad... and I can see I'm not the only one in awe of what you have created!!! Totally beautiful stuff ;D

Vinit Kulkarni 27 Únor 2008
Excellent .. .. and thank you very much for sharing it with us. . .

Creative Media 1 Březen 2008
WTF! That is such a very nice tutorial, keep it up guys

中文之声(独行侠) 1 Březen 2008

d3signer 8 Březen 2008
can appricate his work by words. he is above it

Serkan Onat 12 Březen 2008

sabdeep 15 Březen 2008
Excellent .. .. and thank you very much for sharing it with us. . .

SALVA 4 Duben 2008

hrish 7 Duben 2008
wow really good awesome!

Vlad Gerasimov 15 Duben 2008
Marizaan - thanks a lot :-):-):-)

ra 18 Duben 2008
this is awesome

Rustem 18 Duben 2008
Create new layer, send it backward the layers palette, then create merged copy of the selected area (Ctrl-Shift-C then Ctrl-V). Apply some Gaussian Blur to it (Filters menu - Blur), 2-3 pixels. - Вот этот момент непонятен. Пустой новый слой сливать с чем?

Sathish 12 Květen 2008
Amazing tutorial....... Thanks for sharing :)

Carlos Murillo V. 13 Květen 2008
Love it, thnx!

Cleybert 20 Květen 2008
Everything is OK! but spiders have eight legs...

haha 3 Červen 2008

muslim 12 Červen 2008
thank you very very much

D.L.Chocolate 1 Červenec 2008
Great....Thanks Xo Much...this site is the BEST

Elenux 10 Červenec 2008
¡Maravillosa la idea! gracias de nuevo por dar tips

Carlo 14 Červenec 2008
Amazing! I love your work!

Jeremy Roach 2 Srpen 2008
Is there any way I can download the photoshop file to see how you've done things or maybe edit colours or the likes. You're the best Vlad!

Vlad Gerasimov 2 Srpen 2008
Jeremy Roach: yes, registered users can download Diving PSD files from http://www.vladstudio.com/downloads/?psd

Coşkun 21 Srpen 2008
Enteresaaan Ayrıca cok ince ayrıntılar var :)

IRAQI 5 Říjen 2008
WOW Fantastic tutorial Thanks4u

kele 13 Říjen 2008
nice tutorial...i really like the spider reflection :D

Vishwas 3 Listopad 2008
You rock :D

Clau 24 Listopad 2008
I love it!!!

Efča 4 Leden 2009
This tutorial help me very much, thanks!

Ricky Asturias 25 Leden 2009
Your work is amazing, many thanks for the tutorials, i'm your fan!

Cat 17 Únor 2009

JosephManick,TamilNadu,India 10 Březen 2009
Amazing Vlad,you have strong artistic eye,and the stunning ability to use technology,i never thought photoshop will be used like this, (i happen to know about you through apple's website)

KenG 12 Červen 2009
Thank you

real work...

hi 8 Září 2009
yes, u proved urself. And many thanks to u .

eeeeeeerrrrrrr 21 Listopad 2009
very interesting!!i love it

Laura 16 Prosinec 2009
This is amazing. I love all your wallpapers and it's just great to see how you've created them. I never thought anyone could do this with photoshop. I'm just a beginner and this spidertutorial makes me believe I can design my very own spiderwallpaper. Though your spiders still are way prettier. My compliments!

24 Březen 2010

ashoka 9 Červen 2010
verry nice. It' Easy 2 learn

17 Srpen 2010

24 Říjen 2010
very fentastic your job.

15 Květen 2011
:O amazing but a little hard

Avril 17 Říjen 2011

19 Únor 2012
I got completely stuck on the water droplet, I couldn't do the following step: now, hide this layer (but keep it selected), then open Paths palette, right-click on the path and in the menu click Make selection... because there was no path, and when I selected path then the water droplet wouldn't fill with grey so I was in an endless circle that would not end

Елена 26 Leden
Спасибо за урок! Почему-то я только сейчас его увидела, хотя картинка эта уже который год на моём рабочем столе, и менять не хочу, и сколько ни смотрю -не надоедает, оочень позитивная!!! Новых удач Вам и успехов!

Leonardo 15 Únor 2008
I really mean it when I say your design is very very good, the textures and the details in all those images are amazing, and the ideas and concepts are so simple but meaningful, great work!

PJ 16 Únor 2008
Thanks for this one. I learned so much going through this. You're a very talented and generous guy!

bio 16 Únor 2008
spiders do have 8 legs ^^ cute work none the less :)

Alizar 19 Únor 2008
Amazing. I'm just starting out on photoshop, and your work has been an inspiration to me for years. This is a great wallpaper, very creative, and simply fun to look at.

Hector Adrian 22 Únor 2008
I love so much your work !!!!! Unbelievable!

Skinhit 25 Únor 2008
this is such a fantastic tutorial Vlad, Thank you

Rémi 26 Únor 2008
Tank you very much for you explanations. Great work ! Merci beaucoup pour vos explications. Beau travail !

w 27 Únor 2008
truly inspirational. gr8 work

Gareth 28 Únor 2008
Hello, I am having trouble making the water drops. are you able to make available the .psd file for us? if you are that would be great. Thank-you

kilos04 3 Březen 2008
u r not only brilliant but also quite generous..

shital jethva 5 Březen 2008
just amazing... it will help me a lot in my photo shop project thanks

Hediky 16 Březen 2008

Shoa 2 Duben 2008
This is simply amazing. The entire website is fantastic!! and above all your generous. Thank You.

Marizaan 15 Duben 2008
Dear Vlad, I think your work is one of the most beutifull I have seen. I do paintings myself and I see a lot of detail in your work that I can't do with a paintbrush. It is truly inspiring. I would like to go to your sit and learn more of photoshop and how to market one's work. I just have to find the time. But thanks again for the work. I am sending e-cards like crazy and telling everyone of the site.

Guns & Roses 20 Duben 2008
very tallented amazing work keep it up

Scrappy Smile 21 Duben 2008
I'm signing Guns & Roses: your work is so amazing!!! Thank you so much for sharing your talent!

visay 17 Květen 2008
This is art work, Great tutorial.

Sylvia 25 Květen 2008
I love your spiders...are loveable...amazing Tutorial!...thanks again or share your talent an time.

Me 9 Červen 2008
I love all your work :) I'm working with Photoshop for 'bout an half year, and i found your site today, I looked at your tutorials and i love you :)

JORGE 9 Červenec 2008

Lotty 20 Červenec 2008
OH MY GOD!! SOOOO CUTE!!! great work really! :)

Antti 23 Červenec 2008
There is so many more than positive comments to your work that I thought I would not mind adding mine. I mean, your work is absolutely awesome! And these tutorials are fantastic. I thank you for seeing all the effort to make these.

helen 6 Srpen 2008
just above the third picture it says ctrl-SHIT-u. haha. great tutorial though.

expressions 20 Září 2008
thanx for sharing

Onur 27 Září 2008
The best i have ever seen ! thank you very much

EAMejia 24 Říjen 2008
Amazing tut! thanks for share

dadadoll 24 Říjen 2008

al3ber 16 Listopad 2008
waaaaaaaaaw keep it is up so great work ^^ like it

Bianca 16 Leden 2009
Wow! que padre.. he aprendido mucho de este tutorial! amazing!

Jeremy 3 Únor 2009
Thanks for the tutorial! Keep up the good work! "Ctrl-SHIT-U" Haha! =]

nitin...kashyap 10 Duben 2009

[X]'m 1 Květen 2009

zenbaby 25 Květen 2009
love this, love this, love this!!!

Very inspiring 19 Červenec 2009
Thank you, I love the reflection in the water droplet. Nice attention to details.

DarkKira 5 Listopad 2009
Soo Cool thx

请不要留言而是通过这里联系我 18 Listopad 2009

17 Prosinec 2009

Raja 22 Únor 2010
Are you real ? I can believe ive seen a genius with my own eyes.. four thumbs up for you !!

سكي ايلاكس 25 Únor 2010
انت فعلا فنان و تستحق كل التقدير و الاحترام

24 Duben 2010
voce e genial. Obrigada Deus, por ter colocado no mundo uma criatura como você.

Saulo 15 Únor 2011
My gosh *-*. One word... perfect '-'

wauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu kerennnnnnnnnnn 9 Červen 2011

31 Červenec 2011

midnightman 14 Leden 2013
Прекрасная работа!Жаль,что не делаете подобные уроки на русском языке... Ещё одно маленькое замечание-у всех паучков по 8 лапок, а у ваших только по 6.

Loli 1 Květen 2013
muy buena tecnica, esta excelente

Елена 26 Leden
Спасибо за урок! Почему-то я только сейчас его увидела, хотя картинка эта уже который год на моём рабочем столе (у паучков там по 8 лапок! ), и менять не хочу, и сколько ни смотрю -не надоедает, оочень позитивная!!! Новых удач Вам и успехов!

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